Thanks for all the help!!

IMG_0955Thanks so much to the people who’ve donated to help me in this delightful project. With two really generous donations, I’m close to what we need for Ketty’s first year at Magwero school for Deaf Children. You cannot begin to imagine what this means for her and Alice, her mum. A future! My plan is to build up a fund for her 12 years of schooling, and at the mo, I haven’t even got enough for the first year. I can put the extra in, but things will be tight!!

So if you’re inspired by this lovely story and want to give a donation, then brilliant! Thanks so much. I’ll be taking the money to Zambia soon, and going with them to take Ketty for her first term. The money we need is so paltry by our standards…£55 ($70 US) pays for an ENTIRE TERM including food and boarding! £30 ($38) pays for a round trip for Alice to visit (Ketty is only 7, and her first time away from home).

I’m doing my bit! Not just sitting here asking others for money… I’m not rich at all!, so I’ve been living on £20 (appr $30 US)  a week for the past several months (I’m vegetarian so it’s possible to live well & healthily and I don’t go out!!). But still my concern is, I should have a fund built up in case I die before she’s finished her education. And I will start to sell off possessions that I don’t really need. So I WILL get there.

It’s strange because this is not a very regular fundraising project. I actually only want money which comes with love, and a real wish to help me to help Ketty. I loved the wee lass from first meeting her… and it was a hard parting when I had to come back to England,  but I do understand that you’re one step further away.

Thanks, love to you all, Tony

If you’d like to, you can donate here.

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