The star of the show

Signing to Ketty from a lake near the ashram

Hi to everyone again, from my hilltop haven in Wales.

So I told you wrong in the last post. In fact Ketty started her education proper in her second term. The first was cramming sign language, which I guess continues. But she’s started on mathematics and introduction to science and other stuff. They give school reports… the comments remind me of my school reports from about a century ago, like ‘keep up the good work’. Ketty doesn’t need exhortations, she’s loving her school life and works for pleasure.

End of the second term. Ketty sends her love to all of us who have made this possible for her.

Do you remember what I said in the intro to the project, a couple of years ago, Ketty needs to communicate, cos she’s bright, intelligent and has so much to say. About how we could help her get to the school she needed, to fulfil that need to learn and communicate.

Well we’ve done it my friends!! How awesome that it’s turned from a dream into reality. Ketty came top in the class (out of 10 students) in that first term of general education. Woohoo!! Ok even if she’d come bottom, she’d still be great in my eyes, but she came top. Ketty you’re a star.

Second term end report

So I have my ticket booked and in just under three months, I’ll take the long road out to Eastern province once more. Ketty’s getting ready to go back to school on Monday, for her final term of the year; Alice has told her that soon after she returns home after this term, I will arrive. She’s as impatient to see me, as I to see her.

Thanks again everyone. Thanks so much to the people who have donated. Look what we’ve done. We can be proud. We still need donations to build up the fund…. enough said. God bless.

Thanks from Alice, her parents Mr & Mrs Ngwenya, and Ketty.

Love, Tony


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A non profit organisation sponsoring an aid project in Zambia.

6 thoughts on “The star of the show

  1. This post makes me sooo happy! Ketty is an absolute star, what an achievement! And well done you for never giving up with the fundraising.
    Please say well done and good luck for the coming term:)

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    1. Thanks Bry. As I always say, and it bears repeating, thank you for your support… you kept me to the task when I got fed up and hopeless about getting the project off the ground. I will certainly pass your good wishes on to them …. who knows, perhaps you’ll meet in the not to distant future… they will surely love you as you will them.


  2. Hello Tony, it has been a long time since I blogged on wordpress. Today evening while returning from my work I saw some girl who was not in a good condition as I could guess. That time at once the name came to my mind. Actually I forgot Ketty’s name but I thought I would search for it. And look I found you both. Feels good to see and hear from you two again. And yippiieee, she is learning well. And thanks to your efforts for her education and parenting.

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  3. Tony I forgot to ask one more thing that the school she is studying in is some kind of refugee schools run by some NGO or your yourself has managed to establish and run the whole foundation ?


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