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Let’s formalise this ‘Yoga in Zambia’ thing into a new category on this blog. It’s a new project, and it ties in with the original purpose of this blog; to get an education at the deaf school for Ketty. Now not-so-young Ketty! She’s 11 years old now, wow, how the time has flown since a six year old and a sixty-something year old first formed their bond of friendship and started on this fundraising mission.

In the last few posts on this blog, you’ll see more about the Yoga group, of which Ketty is a part. Last year we started Yoga Asana (physical postures and movements) big time… classes between 5 and 25. Ketty has taken to Yoga so much; she’s the driving force behind our evening meditations (19.00 every evening UK time for 15 mins ‘through the ether’ as we can’t be together in person. If anyone who is reading this wants to join us you are so welcome. Ketty I believe will be a great Yoga teacher for deaf and hearing people, both.

You can see the movie I made when I got back in the spring of 2020 on

We have dug the foundations, we are making the concrete blocks ourselves, then we will lay them. It’s a labour of love. Please help us buy materials.

Now things have moved apace and with this Covid stuff, well Zambia closed down, tourists stopped passing through on their way to the game parks, and the Lodge stopped paying wages. Gradually everyone went back to their own work, caring for home and family and working the fields for the coming growing season.

The downside was, we lost the use of our lovely big Yoga Hall, so unless people practice on the ground outside (they have done it in their enthusiasm, but now the rainy season comes), we have to arrange something else. There is no other way than to build our own Yoga Hall!

I know I know, the problem of poverty is a huge one but hey, you have to start somewhere. If you are moved to help me, then please donate whatever you can.


Building is straightforward… you just do it!! Alice has enough land on her bit of the compound to build there, next to her house. We’ll have an open pillared structure with a roof to keep off the rain of course, like the example above. I design with the help of an architect friend.

We need Help. no other way to say it! I know I know, the problem of poverty is a huge one (see my previous posts) but hey, you have to start somewhere. This is me making a start, and if you are moved to help me, then please donate whatever you can. Every little helps. Mostly we need money for materials, and paying our block makers (see picture above). We have the expertise to build ourselves and with my carpentry skills I’ve designed, and can build, the roof trusses. I just need to get out there this winter.

To donate to this project, please go to the DONATE page on this site

Contact me on or using the dialog box below

Here’s a short movie I made for the Mandala Ashram (where I live) website. They support me, especially my mentor Swami Nishchalananda… he’s 100 per cent behind this project.

Thanks so much, love from Us.

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4 thoughts on “Start of a new Project

  1. Fantastic. What energy and what enthusiasm! And they are making their own building blocks from local materials. They could teach us a lot in Wales. With this kind of energy, the new Yoga Sadhana (Practice) Hall will up and running in no time. It is inspiring to plant the seed of Yoga in the middle of Africa. May everyone involved in this project be blessed. Swami Nishchalananda

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  2. Thanks so much Swamiji. It is the energy that inspires! Apparently people are expressing interest from all around…
    We need to really crack on and get this hall built soon.
    This is no-frills Yoga, people come in with no expectations. Simple stuff… relief from back pain from working in the fields is a commonly reported effect of the asana classes. And then some are touched by the possibility to calm the mind, see what else there is to the human experience other than thoughts and emotions.
    And behind it, your inspiration inspires me…Thanks so much.


  3. Thank you so much to our friends in ashram (Wales),to Tony who introduced yoga to us and his teacher Swamiji who gave him the permission to teacher us. He did not only teacher us but he is busy looking for the donations so that we can have a hall so that everyone can be free to come and practice yoga. Thanks to all our well wishers. With a lot of love Alice

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    1. Alice you are so welcome. It has been a joy getting to know you and Ketty, and then our band of brothers & sisters growing and taking to Yoga like you have. You have enriched my life by allowing me to slowly become part of your culture and your family. We’re going to get this Hall… Fantastic…. it will happen, with your hard work and generosity from our friends here it is happening. Lots of Love Tony


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