may you live in interesting times


Now I’m in a quarantine hotel for 10 days. They keep you in confinement with no human contact. No problems, I’ve got lots of work to do and anyway, Wimbledon’s on the telly.

I have a covid test on day 2. It’s negative. The only people I could have caught the virus from, (remember that I and all my fellow travellers tested negative in order to be able to fly), were the innumerable people involved in driving us round and round Heathrow airport… into a place where someone walked around the bus with a clipboard… then off again to the next clipboard place… and so on. Hilarious if I hadn’t been exhausted from 2 days travelling with no sleep. I had another test 6 days later. I’m waiting for the results. I have had no human contact since the first test. If I test positive it will be a miracle akin to the Virgin Birth. Although now I remember…. I had a strange dream last night that a bat got into my room, closely followed by a virologist from the Wuhan Laboratory….. oh oh.

But enough of that nonsense.

I felt like my work in Zambia had come to a natural conclusion. The yoga sessions in our new Yoga Hall were beginning to become popular, and it was my pleasure to teach on the last Saturday before I left. Ketty was home from school; a friend of hers from the compound and some of her friends all decided they really liked Yoga and came to every class. They were focussed, attentive… a joy to teach! We will miss each other. Now, back to Mandala Yoga Ashram to pick up the threads of a previous life.

left to right… Ketty, Kabaso, little Alice, and Marita at the back. Great little Yoginis.

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