Please help us to get clean water!

Climate change, maybe it’s an abstract idea to you, but we need water right now! The rains have not come and now our wells have run dry.

My dear friend Alice, mother of Ketty, has to walk every day to a borehole. It’s about a kilometre there… give or take a bit.I do that walk every day when I’m in Zambia, from the lodge where I stay (where the borehole is) to Alice’s house where the Yoga Hall is. Then for Alice and the other ladies of the compound, a kilometre back carrying a bucket or plastic container full of water, on the head. Many times each day.

You can’t just not bother about it one day, take a day off for a rest. Every day you must carry water.

They need drinking water, water for cooking, water to wash themselves and their children, water for washing clothes and dishes. You can’t just not bother about it one day, take a day off for a rest. Every day you must carry water.

This is happening now every year. Season by season, the rains come later… now it’s the end of December and they’re not here yet. Some years they fail altogether. That’s happened in two out of the last seven years I’ve been going over there. Then of course it’s not just water but staple food also.

The answer to the situation is complicated. If the money can be raised, more people now are drilling a borehole. These usually tap into deep aquifers but ultimately it all comes from the same place, so it will probably deplete wells more quickly. It’s a tricky one. Learning how best to use and conserve water will become increasingly important. And a borehole will be an immediate help to the community around us. Many will benefit.

So once again I’m fundraising. We can get a borehole drilled and capped with a hand pump for around £2800.

Please, if your heart is moved by this, will you donate some money to this project. We take water so much for granted but it’s precious stuff, help us to bring fresh water all year round to this little corner of our planet, by clicking on the link below. Thanks so much.

Here’s the link >>>>

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