Borehole completed

It’s been a big job to get the money together for this, and a big ask to those willing to donate, but finally we achieved what we set out to do in a little over a year. It still isn’t completely paid for, I’m still paying money back because it cost more than I was planning. So I still could use some help to be honest. But it’s so worth it to see that water coming out.

Travelling from zero degrees UK to 30 degrees Zambia. It’s always a big trip, and when I get here I always need a few days for recovery and to acclimatise. Now all is well and I’m enjoying the company of friends and the transparent love of Ketty, (although she’s a teenager now, we still have the beautiful connection that we had from our first meeting… like father and daughter). To think back, she was the one for whom this whole blog and Zambia thing started.

When the borehole is drilled, it needs a way to get the water up and out. A small cylindrical pump is lowered to the bottom of the pipe and joined to a pump assembly, cemented firmly to the ground at the top. Then the surrounding concrete structure funnels away the excess water to feed a banana tree that we planted. They will only grow where there’s plenty of water so its ideal.

Again a thousand thanks to everyone. Please be proud of what you’ve achieved through your generosity.

Here’s the movie, enjoy!

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